The Engineering Design Graphics Journal, Vol 83 (2019)

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Confirmatory Factor Analyses of the PSVT: R with Data from Engineering Design Graphics Students

Thomas O Williams Jr., Jeremy V Ernst, Daniel P Kelly, Aaron C Clark


The Purdue Spatial Visualization Test: Visualization of Rotations (PSVT: R) is a widely used assessment of spatial ability. In this report, the factor structure of the PSVT: R test items was examined through confirmatory factor analysis with data from 541 engineering design graphics students. Stata 15 and Mplus 8.2 statistical software were used to examine a hypothesized 30 item one-factor model. Upon initial examination, data from engineering design graphics students produced a poor model-fit for the hypothesized one-factor 30 item model in both statistical programs. Respecified one-factor models with 10 test items and eight test items produced acceptable model-fit for the data employing Stata 15 and Mplus 8.2, respectively.

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