Vol 76, No 3 (2012)


Table of Contents

Message from the Chair PDF
Nancy Study
Engineering Graphics Educational Outcomes for the Global Engineer: An Update PDF
R. E. Barr
Message from the Editor PDF
Robert A. Chin
Curriculum Planning for the Development of Graphicacy PDF
X. Danos, E. Norman
The Distinguish Service Award PDF
Robert A. Chin
Engineering Graphics Courses in the Light of the National Qualifications Framework PDF
R. A. Górska
The Editor's Award PDF
Robert A. Chin
Use of Technology Solutions to Improve CAD Instruction PDF
Holly K. Ault, Alister Fraser
Officer Nominees PDF
Robert A. Chin
Using the Continuum of Design Modelling Techniques to Aid the Development of CAD Modeling Skills in First Year Industrial Design Students PDF
I. J. Storer, R. I. Campbell
The Relationship between Spatial Visualization Ability and Students’ Ability to Model 3D Objects from Engineering Assembly Drawings PDF
T. J. Branoff, M. Dobelis
Full Issue PDF
Robert Chin
Correlation Between a Student’s Performance on the Mental Cutting Test and Their 3D Parametric Modeling Ability PDF
H. M. Steinhauer
Comparison of Spatial Skills of Students Entering Different Engineering Majors PDF
N. Veurink, S. A. Sorby

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