Vol 83 (2019)

Table of Contents

Feature Articles

Cooperative Dynamic Approach in Engineering Teaching: Same Content and Trend Towards Better Result
Egoitz Sierra, Rikardo Minguez, Eneko Solaberrieta, Nestor Goikoetxea, Mikel Iturrate
Analysis of Blended and Multi-modal Instruction and its Effects on Spatial Visualization Ability
Diana Bairaktarova, Daron Williams, Petros Katsioloudis
Confirmatory Factor Analyses of the PSVT: R with Data from Engineering Design Graphics Students
Thomas O Williams Jr., Jeremy V Ernst, Daniel P Kelly, Aaron C Clark
A Study on the Role of Computer-aided Design in Design Creativity and Education
Anusha Parampalli Sreekanth, Vimal K Viswanathan
Active Learning in Engineering Graphics: An Analysis of Self-Efficacy for At-Risk and Not At-Risk Students
Daniel P Kelly, Jeremy V Ernst, Aaron C Clark
Can Virtual Reality Enhance User Performance and Experience by Reducing an Individual’s Cognitive Workload?
Kevin Devine, Yi-hsiang Isaac Chang, Gunnar Klitzing

Editorials & News

Cover Page
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Journal Board
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Message from the Chair (Annual)
Heidi Steinhauer
Message from the Editor (Annual)
Nancy E Study
Message from the Editor (Midyear)
Nancy E Study
2020/2021 Candidates for Election
Nancy E Study
2019/2020 Election Results
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