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New Publication Schedule - Beginning with Volume 83

Beginning with Volume 83, the EDGJ has switched format to a process of ongoing publication through the Journal year. In Issue 3 of Volume 82, it was announced that Messages from the Editor and Division Chair will approximately coincide with the Midyear and Annual Conferences, so will appear mid to late summer and early to mid winter depending on the scheduling. We hope you enjoy the new format and feel free to contact the Journal staff if you have questions or concerns.  
Posted: 2020-01-13

Maintenance: An Update

The all-volunteer EDGJ staff is aware of the following more-than-a-nuisance-than-anything observations and are addressing them:

1. The broken hyperlink titles (HTTP ERROR 500). For now, click on PDF to the far right of the respective article title.
2. That the sequence of articles in certain issues of the EDGJ is out of the standard sequence.

In the way of a May 19, 2019 update, (1) we continue to make broken-hyperlink-title-repairs, (2) we're aware of missing "editorials and news" items and "full issues", and (3) we continue to collect data on our other maintenance requirements and missing archival issues. For now, the uploading of archival isssues has been put on hold so we can tend to the needed repairs and overdue maintenance.

Thank you.
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Who Abstracts and Indexes the EDGJ?


The page from Ulrichsweb describing where EDGJ is indexed:

Scroll down and click on the "Abstracting and Indexing" arrow to expand and see all the sources.

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Ethical and Legal Standards


The EDGJ attempts to comply with the contemporary standards of ethical and legal principles when publishing issues of the Journal. To this end, we urge all EDGD and EDGJ stakeholders give special attention to ASEE’s policy of plagiarism and duplicate publication (see and pages 13-16 of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association and its guidance on duplicate and piecemeal publication of data and its guidance on plagiarism and self-plagiarism. This matter will continue to be included on the division’s annual and mid-year conference executive committee meeting agendas. RAC 20160519

Posted: 2016-05-19

Review Board Members Sought


The Engineering Design Graphics Journal seeks new Review Board members. Candidates shall be ASEE members affiliated with the EDGD, possess a successful publications record, and be familiar with the Publications Manual of the APA. Contact the Journal's Editor, Nancy Study, at or 814-898-6563 for additional details regarding the duties and responsibilities.

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Browser Compatibility

The EDGJ website can probably be viewed with most internet browsers--the current version. However, if you're interacting with the site, it's been suggested by our tech support that Firefox be used. Suggestion: if a web page returns no results, click the keyboard shortcut, F5, to refresth your browser.
Posted: 2014-10-09


Dec 4, 2014 update: We've uploaded most of the back issues of the EDGJ that were scanned by Kathy Holliday-Darr and Mary Sadowski. The work will continue at a slightly slower and more deliberate pace. You may still find the content of ARCHIVES in some disarray as we continue the work. Click on ARCHIVES to check it out. Also, click on More.
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Divisional Conferences


The Engineering Design Graphics Division hosts two conferences. Its annual conference is held in conjunction with the American Society for Engineering Education’s annual conference. Its mid-year conference is held between November 1 and January 31.

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Professional Opportunities

The Engineering Design Graphics Division posts professional opportunities in industry and education at Please refer to the descriptions of the professional opportunities at this location for more information. The descriptions will be posted for approximately six months before being removed from this site.

If interested in having a description posted, contact:

Lulu Sun
Posted: 2011-02-18
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Vol 83 (2019)

Table of Contents

Feature Articles

Cooperative Dynamic Approach in Engineering Teaching: Same Content and Trend Towards Better Result
Egoitz Sierra, Rikardo Minguez, Eneko Solaberrieta, Nestor Goikoetxea, Mikel Iturrate
Analysis of Blended and Multi-modal Instruction and its Effects on Spatial Visualization Ability
Diana Bairaktarova, Daron Williams, Petros Katsioloudis
Confirmatory Factor Analyses of the PSVT: R with Data from Engineering Design Graphics Students
Thomas O Williams Jr., Jeremy V Ernst, Daniel P Kelly, Aaron C Clark
A Study on the Role of Computer-aided Design in Design Creativity and Education
Anusha Parampalli Sreekanth, Vimal K Viswanathan
Active Learning in Engineering Graphics: An Analysis of Self-Efficacy for At-Risk and Not At-Risk Students
Daniel P Kelly, Jeremy V Ernst, Aaron C Clark
Can Virtual Reality Enhance User Performance and Experience by Reducing an Individual’s Cognitive Workload?
Kevin Devine, Yi-hsiang Isaac Chang, Gunnar Klitzing

Editorials & News

Cover Page
Nancy E Study
Journal Board
Nancy E Study
Message from the Chair (Annual)
Heidi Steinhauer
Message from the Editor (Annual)
Nancy E Study
Message from the Editor (Midyear)
Nancy E Study
2020/2021 Candidates for Election
Nancy E Study
2019/2020 Election Results
Nancy E Study

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