The Engineering Design Graphics Journal, Vol 82, No 2 (2018)

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Integrating Assessment and Design Activity in Engineering Education: A Proposed Synthesis of Adaptive Comparative Judgement and the CDIO Framework

Tomás Hyland, Seamus Gordon, Donal Canty, Jeffrey Buckley, Niall Seery


One of the leading frameworks in engineering education specifically associated with design based competencies is the CDIO framework. This has been incorporated internationally into many institutions offering engineering education courses. Characterized by four unique stages, the CDIO framework affords an ideal scenario to incorporate a continuous assessment model. This paper presents a proposed synthesis between CDIO and Adaptive Comparative Judgement (ACJ). In particular, the opportunity to provide feedback through the ACJ system is theorized to have potentially positive educational effects. As part of a larger study, this approach is in the process of being refined prior to implementation as a pilot study for feasibility which will ultimately be succeeded by large-scale implementation to determine any potentially positive effect sizes.

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