The Engineering Design Graphics Journal, Vol 73, No 2 (2009)

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Enhancing Visualization Skills-Improving Options aNd Success (EnViSIONS) of Engineering and Technology Students

N. L. Veurink, A. J. Hamlin, J.C. M. Kampe, S. A. Sorby, D. G. Blasko, K. A. Holliday-Darr, J. D. Trich Kremer, L. V. Abe Harris, P. E. Connolly, M. A. Sadowski, K. S. Harris, C. P. Brus, L. N. Boyle, N. E. Study, T. W. Knott


Spatial visualization skills are vital to many careers and in particular to STEM fields. Materials have been developed at Michigan Technological University and Penn State Erie, The Behrend College to assess and develop spatial skills.  The EnViSIONS (Enhancing Visualization Skills-Improving Options aNd Success) project is combining these materials and testing them with pre-college and college students at  seven institutions: Michigan Tech, Penn State Behrend, Purdue University, University of Iowa, Virginia State University, Virginia Tech, and a “Project Lead the Way” course in south-central Arizona.  By removing a barrier to success for students with low visualization skills, particularly women, the project leaders hope to improve the retention of these students in STEM disciplines and to enhance their success. This paper will give a brief overview of the implementations at the university level and the findings.

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